The exhilarating experience of camping is only made better by being equipped with the right multitool. A multitool can help you slip through difficult circumstances or avoid emergencies while camping. From simply aiding in opening a beer bottle, to cutting ropes or branches, a good multitool is a sine qua non for a safe camping experience. 

Multitools are usually lightweight and versatile. They can be a great lifesaver while you are in the wild. This compact gadget will help you cut firewood, chop meat or fish, remove a splinter from your body, or help in any other situations you may experience. 

Not all multitools have the same functions, and you should choose one depending on the type of camping you are going for. The choice of a multitool should depend on the terrain you are camping in, and the distance you will cover. Because there are varied options to choose from, it is a good idea to consider a few things before choosing the best multitool for camping.

 How far is your campsite?

If the distance to your campsite is far, then you might take a jeep or other vehicle to the spot. In that case, you can choose a multitool that can have multiple functionalities without worrying about its weight. However, if you are going to hike to your campsite, then you should probably opt for a multitool that’s lighter and more compact. 

What kind of camper are you?

If you are a glamper, then you probably wouldn’t mind carrying a multitool that is loaded with every tool possible. However, if you are a survivalist, then you would be more willing to carry the bare essentials and travel light. 

What tools are essentials?

Not all multitools will have the same set of tools. Depending on the campsite and your personal choice, you can choose a multitool that serves you best. It can be a multitool without a knife if you are uncomfortable carrying a sharp knife in your pocket. 

The Best Multitools for Hiking and Camping

The list for best-camping multitool options is unending. Here is a comprehensive list of the best multitools for camping available in the market right now. Carefully reading this multitool review will help you narrow down your options. 

1. Victorinox Swiss Tool Spirit X

The Victorinox Swiss Tool Spirit X is a premium quality multitool that is compact and sturdy in design. Weighing just about 247 grams, and measuring 10.4 cms when closed, this multitool is great for the size of a fully equipped multitool. It comes with excellent quality leather or nylon sheath, without a pocket clip. 

All the tools deploy from the outside, except for the pliers; thus, no time is wasted in opening or closing it while using the pliers. The tools are compactly packed inside with minimum and equal space between them, just like scientific instrumentation. 

The multitool is equipped with the standard screwdrivers in three sizes, needle-nosed pliers, scissors, wire-cutters, and more. The striking feature about this multitool is its metal saw. The saw is sharp enough to smoothly cut through mild steel hardware, and the filer gives a clean finish thereafter. 

The four-pointed Philips screwdriver gives a solid engagement too.  The wire cutter and the stripper work effectively and are sharp enough to cut smoothly or quickly spin around a wire. The bottle opener of this multitool is made of wider stainless steel that engages securely on a bottle cap with very little chance of the tip cutting the bottle cap.  

The reamer-punch combination in this multitool can efficiently drill three quarter inch holes through a pine board, and can easily open up holes in leather, wood and even soft metals. Another plus point about this multitool is that it is lighter than other multitools that contain this spec list. 

2. Leatherman Wave+ – Our Favorite

One of the most popular multitools around the world is the Leatherman Wave. This multitool became popular because it is an all-rounder multitool. The latest version of the Wave is the Wave + that comes with 18 functions altogether. 

The wire cutters boast of replaceable cutting edges with smooth and round-edged handles. These wire cutters are sharp enough to smoothly cut through a 12-gauge copper wire or a steel baling wire. It can cut even through 2-3 inch lumber or branches. One of the best features is the needle-nose pliers that give a good grip even in tight spaces. 

The serrated and the plain knives were equally sharp and can handle any task. This multitool comes with a small and big size screwdriver with standard Philips tips that secure tightly. The smaller screwdrivers work perfectly for tightening eyeglass screws, while the bigger one can screw average heads. 

The diamond-coated file works really well to smooth down metal edges.   The scissors in this multitool are efficient too. Overall, the Wave+ is an efficient and compact multitool for basic purposes of cutting, screw driving, and so on. The only drawback here is the absence of a pocket, which you can buy separately. 

3. Victorinox Swiss Army Multitool

The Victorinox Swiss Army Multitool is a great pick for the avid campers who want to be prepared for any eventualities. The multitool comes in a polished red ABS casing, which gives it a fancier disposition. It is loaded with a staggering 31 functions, including flathead screwdrivers, tweezers, etc. 

Some of its important tools include a metal saw that would help cut down any branches to clear your campsite. It also has a 2.5″ locking blade that can help with making dinner by cutting meat or vegetables or even whittle some timber. All these tools are extremely useful for a successful camping trip. 

A striking feature of this multitool is the compass that comes with it. Not many multitools have a compass, which can be okay if you are camping at marked trails. However, for the adventurous and camping enthusiasts, a multitool with a compass is a necessity for unforeseen circumstances. 

The multitool weighs only 5.6 ounces and is lightweight and highly portable. It will never fail you and comes with a lifetime guarantee. If in case a tool stops working, then you can easily get it replaced. This is a great choice if you want a multitool that has numerous functions that are compact, attractive, and will last a lifetime. 

4. Gerber Dime

The Gerber Dime is an excellent choice for those who are low on budget but want all basic essentials. The cherry on top is the weight of this multitool, weighing only 62 grams and measuring just 5.8 inches, this multitool is sturdy and highly portable. It is actually a keychain multitool that comes with a lanyard ring, so you can easily hook it with your set of keys. 

The multitool still boasts of a pair of good quality pliers that can handle small jobs efficiently. The wire cutters can also smoothly cut thin wires, but care should be taken while cutting hard wires. The configuration of the blades in the scissors has a “left” orientation; therefore, right-handed people should be careful while using it. 

The other tools included are tweezers, bottle opener, a plain knife blade, and Philips drivers. The tweezers have a fine point and operate well for pulling splinters out. 

The only drawback of this multitool is the unavailability of other tools such as an awl or a bit driver. 

5. Leatherman Skeletool

No other Leatherman multitool can compete with the Leatherman Skeletool when it comes to affordability. This multitool is lightweight, weighing only 5 ounces and can easily fit inside a pocket or a small bag. The portability of the multitool makes it a great pick for long camping or hiking trips and for everyday utility. 

It contains a total of 7 tools, including pliers, knife, wire cutters, bottle opener, a carabiner, and an exchangeable bit driver. The handle comes with an extra bit, which makes it easy for you to replace it while on the move. 

The best feature you will find in all Leatherman multitools is the ability to open all tools using just one hand. The three blades that come with it are serrated on their bottom half. These blades work well for normal sawing, but should not be used for very strenuous tasks. The pliers give a strong grip but not very suitable for extensive tasks.

 This model may not be the hardiest of all their models. However, for the price it comes in, it gives the best combination of price, quality, and performance. 

This multitool is great for the amount of work that is usually done while on an occasional camping trip. You will need to occasionally change the blades and pliers to increase efficiency.  An attractive feature of Leatherman multitools is the 25 warranty period that comes with all their models. You just need to send the tool for repair, and they will fix it. 

6. SOG Powerlock

The SOG Powerlock features a smooth and neat design and even comes with tool frame covers. It is equipped with a total of 18 tools, including five fasteners- a quarter-inch square drive, one Philips screwdriver and flat screwdrivers of three sizes. The quarter-inch drivers give a 90 degree orientation from the body for more leverage. This multitool is convenient to use, comfortable to hold, and can be opened with the help of just one hand. 

The pliers are the best part of the SOG Powerlock. The jaws of the needle-nose pliers engage perfectly and make it easier to get a good grip on small things. All the other tools, such as the bottle opener, awl, wire stripper and cutter, scissors work up to the mark and are extremely durable. The serrated knife blade can easily cut through thick branches or any other materials. The locking system of this multitool is simple to use and secure. 

The nylon sheath that comes with the multitool can be used to clip on your belt, making it extremely portable. 

7. Leatherman Charge+ TTi

The Leatherman Charge+ TTi is an upgraded version of the Charge TTi and is an excellent choice for those who are likely to come across water during a camping trip. Though the price of this multitool is a bit on the higher end, the quality and performance of the tool is unmatched. The wire cutters in this model are replaceable and make it easier to keep them sharp. The TTi is made up of premium materials such as titanium handles that are corrosion-resistant, thus making it perfect for use near water. 

The Charge+ TTi weighs 252 grams, which is slightly above average. The knife blade is made up of S30V stainless steel. When it comes to knives, a knife made of S30V stainless steel is the best in the whole world. This multitool boasts of a bit driver and a pair of spring-loaded scissors, thus making it possible to accomplish a lot of tough tasks. 

The only minus point is the absence of an awl, but it has a saw, a small bit driver, and a file. It is a good choice for camping trips where you can expect uncertainties. 


Multitools make life easier when you carry one on a camping trip. It is imperative that you carry only the best camping multitool that can cover all your necessities while on the trip. Care should be taken in choosing one that suits you best. 

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