Choosing the best snowboarding goggles can get tricky if you are not prepared. The overwhelming number of options can make it hard to know if you are getting a good quality product, as well as a good deal.

Last-minute buys can turn into a disaster if you do not know what features to look for before buying. Some of the main problems that users face while buying snowboard goggles are that they don’t fit well, or that they are the wrong lens type and color. Sometimes, even if they are the right size, they are not compatible with the helmet or they are uncomfortable. They can also create lens flare and blurry vision that can distort your view, which can turn dangerous when you have the wrong lens color. 

Sometimes snow resorts have limited selections at inflated prices, whereas a well-stocked sports supply stores might have too many choices to easily be able to choose. Therefore, it is better to learn about snowboarding goggles on your own before buying one.

Most Important Snowboard Goggle Qualities

To find out what the essential features to look for in good snowboarding goggles are, check out the following aspects:

Protects eyes from glare

When sunlight reflects on the snowy slopes, polarized lenses are the best. They have a darker tint than regular sunglasses that makes it more effective in reflecting away unwanted sunlight.

UV light protection

It is common knowledge that UVA and UVB are the most harmful sun rays that cause photokeratitis, cataracts, and other eye diseases. To protect your eyes from these damaging rays, you need to choose snowboarding goggles with 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays that reflect from the snow even on cloudy days.

Good peripheral vision

Traditional goggles have large lenses, whereas more modern designs feature a sleek and low profile style. Ideally, the peripheral vision for snowboarding goggles should be 180 degrees. So whether you choose a newer or a more traditional version, look for one that has good side vision so that you can see other snowboarders and avoid crashes. 

Anti-fogging features

Double lenses prevent condensation when warm air from your mouth makes contact with the cold lens. Although the vents on the top, bottom, and sides let warm air out and clear the fog, they can get chilly in extreme temperatures.

Proper lens tint

Choosing the right lens tint is the most crucial feature to check while selecting the best snowboard goggles. But before you do that, consider the type of terrain where you will have your activities.

Whether you prefer riding over terrain parks, moguls or trees, your goal is to get goggles that suit your activities, the weather, and the terrain.

List of the Best Snowboarding Goggles

For you to shop smarter, check out some of the best-rated snowboarding goggles below. These selected goggles are based on the important features to look out for and they are a reasonable price.

Now that you know what features work best, here is a selection of the top-ranked snowboarding goggles that can guide you to a good investment.

#1 Supertrip Snowboard Goggles 

The Supertrip Snowboard goggles mark the top of the list because not only are they super attractive, but they also feature all the crucial qualities that you would need. 

First of all, the lenses are UV protected and have anti-fogging features. The anti-fogging lens is vital to keep your visions clear when warm air from your breath condenses on the glass. On the other hand, UV protection is necessary as sun rays bouncing off the snow in high altitudes are even more harmful. 

Secondly, it has a highly adjustable elastic strap that is compatible with all helmet sizes. The densely woven straps are sturdy, flexible, and just the right width. 

The soft TPU frame is also an attractive feature as it will come in handy when you ski through the chilly slopes. Durability is also an essential factor as TPU materials do not easily break even when you face accidents, so it is also highly safe.

Another great feature to consider if you have poor vision is that you can wear it over small to medium glasses. The width and height of the goggles are large enough for child and adult skateboarders alike, and they suit both men and women.

Lastly, it is a significant investment, especially if you like other outdoor sports because these goggles are versatile and safe enough for gliding, skiing, snowmobiling, etc. Once you get them, you are ready for any games that require eye protection and clearer vision.

#2 Extra Mile Snowboarding Goggles

Second on the list, with equally high caliber, are the Snowboarding Goggles from Extra Mile that look futuristic and are highly functional for all different types of sports.

The most attractive feature is the full REVO mirror coated lens, which is backed up by HD and PC lens. This feature allows a more precise vision, no matter how bad the climate gets. It also has a durable anti-fog lens that adds to clarity and visibility by reducing the refraction of light and astigmatism. It looks good on the exterior and feels just as comfortable.

The UV-protected lens prevents dangerous radiation from damaging your eyes, and you can comfortably use it against strong winds, snow stems, and chilly air. 

What adds to the quality of the Extra Mile goggles is that the frames are equipped with vent holes to let out air and prevent fogging. These specialized frames are made of flexible TPU that is known as one of the most durable materials available. It also has a triple-layered sponge for a comfortable fit around the eyes and cheeks. 

It also has a comfortable Over the Glass(OTG) feature. With a bridge that measures about five inches, you can comfortably wear your prescription glasses over it with ease.

The headband is made of three-layer foam and lined with anti-slip rubber that makes it flexible and secure to wear over any type of helmets. 

So whether you are snowboarding over rough terrain or skiing on smooth slopes, these goggles are sure to come in handy for a durable and safe trip.

#3 Snowboarding Goggles by OutdoorMaster

Outdoor Master snowboarding goggles are number three in our top picks because of the variety of options to choose at a very reasonable price. If you are looking for something with an edgy design but for an affordable price, this is it.

First of all, the multi-colored reflective lens is made of flexible TPU that is durable and comfortable to wear. The lens refracts harmful UV rays and provides shade during sunny days. It also acts as protection against chilly winds, snow, and blizzards in the mountains so that your vision stays focused.

A double-layer lens powers the anti-fogging feature. The inner layer is lined with an anti-fog lens, whereas a visible light transmission scope (VLT) coats the outer layer. The VLT scope that ranges from 1 to 90 percent makes it compatible for sunny days, cloudy days, and night activities. 

The price of the round-shaped goggles is something that stands out. While other brands sell the same glasses with almost the same features, OutdoorMaster presents us with several colors too. 

It is compatible with any snowboard helmet and also supports OTG so that your vision is not compromised. The triple-layered interior frames also make it comfortable and secure. The bands come in a trademarked OutdoorMaster pattern made of a medium-sized rubber band for flexibility and compatibility. 

#4 F&W SYN WeePro 2020 Snowboard Goggles

While most other brands present snowboarding goggles with attractive features, F&W SYN stands out with their anti-scratch full-face REVO coating goggles with a changeable lens. As futuristic as it looks, the WeePro 2020 design also features advanced traits that are unmatched by other brands. 

The exclusively designed goggles come in four primary shades that are interchangeable according to the weather and the terrain you are boarding on. It has a rare earth magnetic attachment system on the frames, which makes it simple to remove and replace the lens.

These goggles also have anti-fogging properties that keep the goggles clear for a more extended period. The multi-layered lens is fully UV protected and does not scratch easily, so you can wear it as an extreme sports accessory in different climates.

The straps, which are lined with durable silicone, provide for better grip and flexibility. It also has an adjustable buckle for further adjustment so that it becomes comfortable when wearing over any helmet. 

The face form is made of triple-layered soft material that is light but sturdy and does not trap air and fog up the lens. It is breathable, prevents sweat and snow from entering, and makes it comfortable to wear. 

Besides the helmet compatibility, it is also wearable over prescription glasses because it has an OTG design. With these goggles, your safety and vision will stay clear and protected while you are sporting in the snowy mountains.

Snowboard Goggle Buying Tips

Be Confident about what you want

You must be comfortable and confident enough to ask as many questions as you need about the snowboarding goggles that interest you. Get your gear from a sports store that specializes in boarding and skiing accessories, or an optical specialist. Make sure to ask about the lenses and how they work in extreme conditions. 

Make sure it fits well

When you find one with the features and design that meets your requirement, make sure you try it on. If it does not feel comfortable for you, try as many others as needed to find the right fit. Also, ensure that you test it in natural light as well as a dark room to check for vision adaptability.

Adjust the straps, and see if it fits with or without a helmet to test the fit of the goggles. Choose wide bands made of soft rubber over narrow bands, as they are more comfortable on the head. Also, check that it has foam inserts to keep away dirt, wind, and ice.

Be Patient

Be picky! Finding something that you absolutely love everything about is important because they can get pricey, and they are crucially important to your enjoyment of snowboarding. You have to pick the right equipment so that you can enjoy the view and the experience without any equipment malfunctions.


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