Sleeping bags play a major role in having a successful camping trip. The primary purpose of a sleeping bag is to provide insulation and warmth to its users.  Bringing the wrong sleeping bag may cause you to have a sleepless night and even cost you a fun trip.  It is, therefore, important to choose your sleeping bag according to the weather conditions and the topography of your camping site. Waterproof sleeping bags are important if you plan to camp in wet or cold environments.

Let’s assume that you leave for camping with an ordinary sleeping bag and all of a sudden it starts to rain. You may have a tent, but if the wind gets too blustery, you are likely to get wet. Or maybe, for instance, there is no rain, but the ground or the grasses of your campsite may be damp due to frequent light precipitation. This will also lead you to experience an uncomfortable situation throughout the entire night. It is for these reasons that a waterproof sleeping bag is a must-have for any camper.  

Do Waterproof Sleeping Bags Exist?

There are only a few manufacturers who make truly waterproof sleeping bags. While most brands claim to manufacture waterproof sleeping bags, they are mostly water-resistant and not 100% waterproof. Also, it is easy for buyers to confuse water-resistant sleeping bags with waterproof sleeping bags. As buyers, you need to know the difference between a water-resistant sleeping bag and a waterproof sleeping bag. While a water-resistant sleeping bag can resist light rain or moisture only for a limited period, waterproof sleeping bags tend to be more effective. 

Uses of Waterproof Sleeping Bags

Waterproof sleeping bags are best suited for high altitudes, where precipitation occurs very often. They help in preventing moisture and water from seeping into the sleeping bag, thus providing you a comfortable rest after tiresome hiking. Waterproof sleeping bags, unlike ordinary ones, are specifically designed using waterproof fabrics that allow them to protect you from rain, dampness, and moisture. More importantly, most of the waterproof sleeping bags on this list are light, with warm interiors so that you can sleep free from the cold. Not only do waterproof sleeping bags protect you from the rain and strong winds, but they also help in keeping mosquitoes away while sleeping. Most waterproof sleeping bags are made of nylon shells on the outside. This makes the bag retain its proper shape irrespective of what condition you plan to camp in. 

Waterproof sleeping bags also tend to be a little more expensive and heavier if you compare it with a regular sleeping bag. Its breathable fabric allows proper breathing while protecting you from the rain and the cold.

How Much do Waterproof Sleeping Bags Cost?

Most waterproof sleeping bags cost between $50 – $400, although high-end ones can cost even more depending on the style, brand, type of material, size, durability, and additional features. Besides that, most sleeping bags that are lightweight and highly insulated will be comparatively more expensive than a sleeping bag with low insulation.

Buyer’s guide


Temperature ratings are one of the most important features to look for while purchasing a waterproof sleeping bag. The temperature of a sleeping bag refers to its ability to keep you warm to a certain extent. With this in mind, it is preferable to buy a sleeping bag that provides a low-temperature rating. While hiking, sometimes the weather conditions might get worse, and you might experience severe cold. Having a low temperature sleeping bag will help you to stay warm even if there is a sudden drop in the weather temperature. Most experts recommend getting a sleeping bag that has a temperature rating of -4 degrees Celsius. This way, you can enjoy a cozy and warm sleep unbothered about the cold. If you’d like to learn more, you can check out our list of Warmest Sleeping Bags.

Comfort level

Another important feature to keep in mind while buying a waterproof sleeping bag is the level of comfort it provides. Although your sleeping bag may be waterproof, you will still find it unpleasant to sleep in it if it does not make you comfortable. Comfort levels are usually determined by what type of materials a sleeping bag is made of. Sleeping bags whose linings are made of materials such as 290 PONGEE, 350 polyester, and 190T Pongee Cire provide the best comfort. Getting a sleeping bag with linings made of such fabrics is highly recommended since it ensures you both safety and comfort. 

Taped Seams

One of the most important features to check while buying a waterproof sleeping bag is its seams. If the seams of your sleeping bags consist of stitch holes, then you are likely to get wet, although your sleeping bag is waterproof. Hence, it is very important to have a seam-taped sleeping bag so that water does not succeed in getting inside your sleeping bag.


While buying a sleeping bag, it is also important to focus on its shape. Shape is another important feature in determining the comfort level of the sleeping bag. Besides that, shape also determines the overall performance of a sleeping bag. There are a variety of sleeping bags with different shapes. Rectangular, mummy, and semi-rectangular are some of the most common sleeping bag shapes.

 Mummy-shaped sleeping bags are the most popular kind. This shape controls the airflow into the bag by allowing very little air between you and the wall of the bag. This means that there is less air for you to heat. It is also light and easy to pack because of its shape.   

Rectangular-shaped sleeping bags, unlike mummy-shaped, have less efficiency in heating but provides more space for better movement. This enables you to move about inside the bag with little restriction. Most campers opt for this type while camping during warm weather due to the free movement that it provides.

A semi-rectangular sleeping bag is a combined version of both the rectangular and the mummy version. This type of sleeping bag provides sufficient warmth for fair-weather while giving you some extra space for comfort.


Most sleeping bags come in a standard size, which means it can be used by both men and women. There are, however, sleeping bags specifically designed for. These sleeping bags include wider space around the hip area, additional insulation at the feet, and smaller space around the shoulder area. You can choose your sleeping bag according to which type of fit you prefer, regardless of gender.


Sleeping bags are usually made of two types of insulations, down and synthetic.  Down insulations are usually made of duck or goose feathers, which make it naturally light and warm. With higher down content, it will be better to trap warm air and also comparatively more expensive than other bags with different fillers. While checking out sleeping bags, you will usually see a fill power content in the packaging. This indicates the quality of the down. The higher the content, the warmer it will keep you.

Additional features

Along with the essential features, you can also check out some other additional features that come along with a sleeping bag.  Some bags contain small pockets inside the bag where you can store your stuff to be used at night time. Some even consist of an attached torch, while others feature a mosquito net built into the tent. So before buying a sleeping bag, first prioritize your needs and see if you need these extra features. This way, you will be able to invest in a sleeping bag which is worthy of buying.

We have managed to round up some of the very best waterproof sleeping bags. This list is not in any particular order. In order to choose the best from this list, you will need to consider your personal preferences and the type of environment in which you will be sleeping. 

The Best Waterproof Sleeping Bags

Sleepingo XL double sleeping bag

The Sleepingo XL double sleeping bag is the perfect sleeping bag for couples or for people who want more room to themselves while sleeping. It is relatively large in size and can fit two adults or three children, depending on body size. This bag also allows you to sleep separately if you want to. You just have to unzip it and use your own respective bags. 

Another prominent feature of the Sleepingo XL double sleeping bag is its rip-resistant lining, which provides great durability. It is also light to carry and convenient to pack it despite its double size feature.


  • It has a temperature rate of 0-11 degrees Celsius and is super comfortable and sturdy.
  • Large enough to fit in two adults.
  • Less prone to tearing.
  • While the outer shell is designed with strong polyester fabric, the inner part is made of cotton and tetron. This enables you to enjoy a cozy sleep while keeping you totally waterproof.
  • Weights as light as 3 pounds so you can easily carry it.

SOULOUT sleeping bags

The soulout sleeping bag is another popular sleeping bag meant for all-season types depending on how you use it. It is more than wide enough for a normal-size person and has a temperature range of 0-25 degrees Celsius. It weighs as little as 4 pounds, which makes it very convenient for you to carry. It also comes with an adjustable strap, which you can use to compress the bag further while packing. Besides that, it also has an adjustable drawstring hood, which will help in enhancing the insulation and keep your head warm enough. There is also zipper control at the bottom of the sleeping bag, which allows you to push your feet out in case it gets too hot inside the bag. The soulout sleeping bag is also a very versatile and budget-friendly bag, which is great for budget-minded buyers. 


  • It is made of 210T polyester, which is of very high quality. This makes it a durable and skin-friendly sleeping bag.
  • Its double layer and waterproof technology help to keep you warm, even in freezing temperatures, and protect you from getting wet.
  • It is capable of being split into two smaller bags for separate use. 
  • It can also be used as a blanket if you fully open it.
  • You can easily machine or hand wash it.
  • It is highly versatile with a compression strap.


Although most waterproof sleeping bags are washable, you need to keep in mind that they may come with certain limitations. If you continuously wash them, the waterproof coating of the sleeping bag will eventually wear off little by little. Hence it is important that you wipe it with your hands unless a machine wash is required. This way, your sleeping bag will be more durable, and you can enjoy using it for a longer period.

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